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and trust

Do you know what makes a creative company valuable to a business or brand? Trust. We've all shared or recieved service of some kind; many of us brand and package our service and build businesses. Service is a transactional relationship, and we're all serving something when we do our work, no matter what we do. Trust is paramount to any transaction. Creating trust starts with honesty and transparency — why should your brand or service be trusted?

Sorcery is a new kind of design studio that builds new ideas using trust, friendship, imagination, and a participatory creative alchemy. Sounds corny and reckless right? We don't think so. We have a lot of fun while a lot of people do the same thing over and over.

Ever done your own real magic, in real-life?


How we work

How can we start a project together?

You're here, on our agency's property now, and if you'd like to ask us for help or inquire about a project all you have to do is connect: Go to our contact page and call, chat, or send a message.

How much do projects usually cost?

Sorcery can operate on many different levels depending on your budget. Our team will formulate a package to best suit your needs and financial availability.

What sectors do you specialise in?

We specialize in design, direction, and crafting digital experiences online and offline (sites, apps, interactive experiences). Our history of work spans sectors from entertainment to transportation. Learn more about the sectors we work in the "Industries" section above.

Who are your ideal customers?

Our agency is proud of our polite, generous, hard-working people; we expect the same kindness and attention to decency from our clients. We don't believe in much red-tape or codes of conduct, and we are very relaxed people who enjoy humor and new ideas, however, we believe in a common code of integrity and grit from other professionals.

What information do you need to prepare an estimate?

Discovering the ideas to be executed and problems to be solved are a big step for any project - we like to take care of it first-thing. If we engage a project together we'll be in touch right away, and we'll be sure to ask the right questions to give you confidence in your creative brief and your scope of work.

How do you structure your project environment?

Our agency is fast-paced and adaptive to various situations. Working creatively sometimes means working in completely new spaces, software, and locations. We structure our work through the staff members first, and software second. When you work with Sorcery you have an account manager who handles your entire relationship withSorcery at the highest-possible level. Our account directors are executive-level voices for our clients in our agency. Design teams attend meetings with clients regularly and are available via Slack and other platforms to collaborate with. Code and security teams at Sorceryare uninterrupted and work diligently to create 100% secure, precise, intentional solutions for our clients.

When we engage a project we will discover the work needed, sign any critical agreements, then complete the work and provide you documentation and training.

Can we use our internal teams with teams at Sorcery?

We welcome collaboration and treat outside teams like they're just other bands out on tour with us. Let's kick it, let's do this!

Who is Sorcery?

Brandon and Keaton (Dallas, Texas USA) started Sorcery in 2019 and committed to build one of the greatest creative companies ever; not to be sold or buried in a LinkedIn profile, but something that makes a lasting mark and transforms the way creative businesses might operate. Well, we think God listened, because many prayers have been answered and many synchronicities have brought us to where we are today, operating what we think is one of the best creative startups in Texas.

The best moment in the agency's short history is the day we added Nick (Rotterdam, NL) to the team in late 2022, joining as Partner and Chief Creative Officer. This radically transformed the vision and attitudes of all three members, synergizing into a creative urgency that grows in our hearts and spills into calls with clients.



Our first step with any project is discovering the truth about the problem, or communication, or idea.

Where design and development are applied, there will be human beings, doing what they do with what you've made them. As a society, it's important to design and build out of love and service to fellow humanity.

Creative projects are somewhat scientific - you can break them down and dissolve the question to get the answer. We work with brands and businesses to break down problems and think about what we see, creativelty (with intention to create).



Sorcery team member
Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Keaton J Mullen


Sorcery team member
Partner, Chief Digital Officer

Brandon Karl Webster


Sorcery team member
Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Nick Datta


Sorcery team member
Key Advisor

Markus Bonke



Our team loves to create. We love to turn off our phones, turn on music, and get work DONE. It is the most amazing job, and we are very lucky to do it. When you work with the attitude of love and imagination, it shows in the work. When a creative mind has been cultivated carefully and set up to succeed, great things happen. We believe in creating the right situations, conditions, and agreements that yield creative results that can transport the viewer to the moment of creation, back to the process.

We have experience tailoring a range of custom-designed experiences using technology, design, art, code, color, words, and other tools.


and deploy

After all this hard work, we're not rushing it out the door, but we're also not missing that deadline. The fun part of being a creative is hitting those deadlines with jaw-dropping work that makes an impact. Our team has the history and experience of success and failure alike to answer the call and hit the arrow right in the center of the target. We understand technology, behavior, design, and the results thereof well enough to take responsibility for tasks that some might find stomach-churningly risky. Why? Because we're the guys that have been trusted to do it before.


We work
for them

Retail & E-Commerce

Our experience with e-commerce and retail is expansive and we bring plenty of client experience as well as our own experience to the table. E-commerce is an exciting industry that has become a form of retail as popular as shopping in stores; online sales are exceeding store sales in many cases.


Our experience extends to clients in the AI sector including branding, marketing, design, and development. We have worked with AI in the past and we are excited to work with AI in the future.

Public sector & Non-profit

Information is transforming the world and there are some really awesome people doing great work with information. We cherish our experience working in information technology, non-profit agreements, public agreements, and commissioned projects.

Technology & Media

Woke: Operating a design agency.
Broke: Selling off a design agency.
Bespoke: Changing the world with a design agency.

Education & Healthcare

Isn't it amazing how the world works together to achieve so much? Passing down knowledge, creating new businesses and products that enhance our lives. So many people are thinking of others and then working hard to make something for others. Our knowledge and our health are the two primary healthbars for our society; let's do well!

Food & Agriculture

Navigating industry and markets isn't easy when you're also trying to think creatively. Sometimes the only way to learn is to do; well, we've done it before! There's always new adventures with any great idea or business, and we try to be like a secret weapon.

Fintech & Blockchain

Blockchain is booming and financial tech is growing quickly. It takes energy, endurance, precision, and business intelligence to keep up. We believe in crafting the best experiences for tools in the financial and transactional technology sectors.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Cultivating new ideas in a rapidly-changing world is something fashion and lifestyle brands do well. We work with courageous brands to break and fix new ideas online and offline.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Did you know that when a plane takes off there is 50% accountability on the ground with a dispatcher and 50% accountability with the pilot in the sky? Two people are responsible for that plane's flight and landing, not one. When a plane takes off, someone in an office has remotely checked the same plane that a maintenance crew has checked. Before a plane takes off, someone on the ground in an office authorizes that pilot leave - and they aren't just ground control. When you work in or for transportation and infrastructure, safety and excellence are the keys that unlock the heavy heavy door to success. We've solved many problems and jumped to the rescue when needed, working with other 24/7 operations, like our own, always connected and solving problems.

Travel & Leisure

"Ahhhh this is nice" - Your customers.

When luxury and a worldly perspective are needed, we need brands and businesses that set the standards. We admire and enjoy luxury and beauty at Sorcery. We believe in creating and sustaining beauty and stomach-tickling joy. Remind us again, why are you doing what you do every day? To suffer? No. We work hard to enjoy time off, and we know the feeling.

Dallas Skyline
Working globally

Creative action taken
around the world

Sorcery Dallas

Dallas, Texas

Sorcery was founded in 2019 in Dallas, Texas by two lifelong Texans. Our creative impetus has universal reach, but our deals are handled in the heart of Texas.


Sorcery Rotterdam


Much of Sorcery's creative vision is generated in the historic, art-rich city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.



Apprentice at Sorcery

There's plenty of Great Work to do. We like open-minded creatives who can work from anywhere and stay 100% connected and accountable to the task... but when you're connected to us you're connected to a team that cares and listens. We are a circle of friends, collaborators, believers in beauty, and users of magic.

To join our creative agency you should prepare some of your best work (new or old) and send it to us. We'll review it and get back to you. If we like what we see, we'll invite you to join our team and we'll get to work.

We hire designers, coders, animators, artists, illustrators, project managers, design directors, sales, leadership, and other critical roles.

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